Top 5 Coffee Table Styling Tips

Jan 11, 2023 | Hints & Tips, Styling

Top 5 Coffee Table Styling Tips  

Styling is always something I LOVE to do and always something my clients worry and ask me about most (Well that and lighting but thats a whole other blog post).

So I thought a little guide of top tips might be useful and I thought I would start with the coffee Table.

The coffee table is the focal point of your living room and often where a lot of your free time is spent, so it’s important to fill it with the things you love. However, it can be easy for a coffee table to look overcrowded, so I have put together some easy tips for you to create a coffee table display.

Tip 1 – Layering objects  

Play with height and scale when you style your coffee table. This can be with just about any object, but a particularly easy trick is to stack your coffee table books and magazines. Regularly rotate your books and magazines to mix things up and use your book or magazine stacks as the perfect base for your decorative objects, houseplants or candles.

Other ideas include mixing large candlestick holders with smaller candlestick holders for variation in height or opting for vases of different widths and heights and filling with an array of foliage and plants.

A final idea would be to opt for two coffee tables rather than one. Or better yet, three coffee tables! Nest of tables are your friend when it comes to creating layers as you can neatly position the tables under each other and then accessorise with beautiful display ornaments. I love a nest for a side table too. They are the gift that keeps on giving – perfect to style and perfect for moving around for when you have guests without the room feelings over crowed and messy.

I love all things quirky too so for me I would always make sure I mix in humorous or quirky objects. These pieces are attention-grabbing and creates a talking point within a space.

Tip 2 – Different textures

To really create a stylish coffee table display it helps to mix up your texture. From ribbed vases to smooth ceramic objects these details may seem fairly insignificant but the effect can be dramatic! Textural objects to add to your coffee table display include shells, pineapple ornaments, faux coral and glass vases.

Tip 3 – Build nature into the display.

A coffee table is a perfect spot for bringing the outside in. I love all things nature and move things around from week to week depending on how I am feeling. So sometimes this slice of nature is a terrarium, other times a plant or a few seasonal blooms. There is also so much ratten around at the moment so even incorporating a bit of this is bringing nature in to the home.

Tip 4 – Stylish storage and trays

As I mentioned earlier in the blog, the coffee table can easily become cluttered and overfilled. But, there’s an easy solution to this problem … trays and storage!

Compartmentalising sections of your coffee table will help to create a more structured and pleasing aesthetic. My top ideas include sectioning off your coffee table with a tray or trinket tray, these can then be filled with candles, vases and plants creating a jaw-dropping focal point.

Top Tip: Rather than positioning your tray in the centre of the coffee table, place it to one side. Asymmetrical designs are more pleasing to the eye.

Tip 5 – Create an atmosphere with candles

Finally, set the tone and get in the mood with beautifully scented candles. Not only do candles infuse your living spaces with lovely scents, but when alight the flickering flame draws the eye drawing attention to your coffee table display.


I hope you enjoyed these coffee table tips. If you can leave a comment and tell me what you thought that would be great.

Some photos are mine and some are pinterest. All photos are linked.