House F on the Livingetc house tours – Edwardian terrace

This chic terrace was designed by architect David Money using a palette of natural materials. Highlights include salvaged bricks, exposed ceiling joists and polished concrete.

Last but not least. The final house and it must be the most innovative in design. Cleverly broken up to house 3 friends, with each having their own living space, their own section almost like a stylish studio flat with a bedroom, living area and svelte bathroom.

A not so surprising fact about this house is only the front of this 1900’s terrace house remains. The rest was demolished and a new strikingly modern house rebuilt.

The ground floor, is almost one continuous flowing space with a concrete under heated floor, silky birch ply cupboards and stairs, pale pine exposed joists and faintly whitewashed exposed brick, its fresh, bright and enviably large.

This house has so many cool features, one being an added mezzanine gym where the staircase is also the library! This house has so many hidden gems of storage. Every inch of the interior is considered and not just so there is space to stash bikes.

This could be the coolest house ever, go check it out!!

Summing up the house tour – go! If you get the chance take a trip, it’s worth it. It is full of inspiration and if you don’t have any plants, get some. They were everywhere and not only did they inject colour but calm and tranquillity too.



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