On Friday I was lucky enough to visit the living etc house tour.

Once a year six houses that have previously been in the magazine throw open their doors for us nosey and interior obsessed to have a mooch around. What a treat it was to look around these incredible homes and they really did feel like homes!

Each one different to the next and special in their own right, all super stylish and cleverly designed.

At the end of the day my mind was blown by all interior loveliness and because each home brought something different. I thought it only fair to break it down and share with you all 6 houses individually.

So first up is House A

House A – Designer renovation

Designed by interior designer and owner herself Julia Thompson of Frank Interiors.

This four story Georgian townhouse was full of surprises and hidden treasures. All unique and interesting in their own right, telling a story of their lives and creating a wonderful collection of all things vintage.

The dark walls would be considered brave by some but it created for a much more interesting space – cosy and stylish. Allowing the accessories to pop and the light flooded in by the large sash windows and from the cleverly placed large mirror. No TV’s were insight (how dare one spoil a space to style) instead they had a ceiling projector ready to come down for movie nights.

But rather than read about what I saw I will break it down to my highlights so you can enjoy all the beautiful photos.

  • You can never have too much greenery – Houseplants were everywhere, creating a calming feel and giving a pop of colour.
  • The dark walls – so if your thinking about it be brave and go dark!
  • The connection to the garden – Huge floor to ceiling sliding doors for maximum light and view.
  • Open plan living – a great way to socialise, cook, and chat. You could really feel how the family lived in this home.
  • Fun quirky styling that represented them. I especially loved the shelves on the staircase.
  • The huge mirror reflecting the light around the room.
  • The garden – Rich, lush greenery with a series of hidden areas to give the garden character and extra quirkiness. With the tiles reflecting their love of all things vintage.

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