DIY Kid’s Play Kitchen Upcycling Hack

Jan 11, 2023 | Styling

Play kitchen Ikea Hack

Today’s blog post is something a little different so bear with me… I’ve been trying to find the time to get back into doing more DIY and creative projects (by this I mean giving my husband a job to do). So when Christmas was coming up I ‘had’ to get my little boy an Ikea kitchen and I had to do a ‘hack’ on it.

The IKEA DUKTIG Play Kitchen I had seen upcycled a few times before but now it’s my turn to transform one with my own interior style! Plus because I am also getting a new kitchen I wanted us to twin!

As I mentioned, I started off with an IKEA DUKTIG Play kitchen and accessories, but you could use any play kitchen at all!

Once I had decided on all the parts that I wanted to paint. I gave those surfaces a good sand down with a power sander. You want to rough the surfaces up to prepare them for painting.

The paint I used was a Valspar premium Wood and metal paint, colour matched to my new kitchen. I’ve used Valspar a lot and it is a great paint and very hard wearing. The kitchen has now has two months of being played with and it still looks as good as the day it was painted. It’s thick too so you never need to do many coats.

I gave all parts of the kitchen 2 coats and whilst they were drying…

I attached a 18mm thick piece of MDF the size of the back to the kitchen, tacked together with wood screws for safety. I then covered the wood for the back and worktop with a marble effect sticky paper purchased from Amazon. This was super cheap and super effective. It is perhaps my favourite part of the whole kitchen. If using sticky paper is too much for you, there is a Light Stone spray to give the kitchen worktop a granite effect – It can be so effective for a worktop look.

For the fixtures, various components and accessories I sprayed them using a Gold Spray Paint which gave them a nice deep bronze shine – I only did one coat on each side and this was plenty. Make sure you leave the items you have sprayed for plenty of time to dry before touching them – always check the directions for exact times. I did the same for the sink as this was in white.

Once everything is dry it’s time to start fitting everything together – be careful not to scratch your paintwork/spraywork when fitting everything back together!

I also added a phone to the side of the kitchen! I take back that the marble worktop is my favourite part, THIS is my favourite part. Especially because it is so well used and loved! Another bargain from Amazon too!

And that’s all there is to it!

I off course added a touch of greenery and styled it and set it all up to Save Santa time on Christmas Eve!

It might be worth mentioning that for additional protection you can of course add a coat of furniture wax to the surfaces but so far so good. This kitchen has already had a hammering with various wooden foods thrown at it!

But it’s very easy to do, anyone can do this upcylcing project, you just need a few items to get you started, a bit of patience and a free afternoon!

Apologise for the photos with this being a rush before Christmas, the photos reflect that. However I am not finished with it yet. So keep your eyes peeled on instagram for an update.

What do you think of the up cycled play kitchen? Would you give it a go?

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