2017 Interior Design trends green Pantone


The named 2017 Pantone Colour Of The Year is “Greenery”. It is a lot less emerald green and a lot more Kermit the frog! However it is a colour I have already grown to love. It is meant to represent refreshment and revitalization — something we all could use in a complex social and political environment, according to Pantone.

If green is to vibrant to have in larges doses in your home instead give your room a colour pop through the introduction of green in your accessories from cushions to statement chairs.

2017 interior design trends green



Metallics are everywhere this season and I am a huge fan. However brass is the metal of the moment. It is warmer than chrome and a lot less subtle than gold. Plus you can pick up some great statement antique pieces where each piece tell a story You Can see where it has aged and you can see where the light has been.

2017 interior design trends brass



The marble trend seems to be everywhere and nothing says high end as simply and effectively. It can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and even as a chopping board. I can’t get enough! My favourite is mixing white marble with rose gold accessories. The cold tones from the marble is contrastingly perfect with the warm tones of the rose gold.

2017 interior design trends marble


Colour and Pattern

This trend is big and bold – Lots of vibrant shades and colour clashing. For the pattern and colour lover this is the trend for you!

You can’t go wrong here! From lighting to furniture.

2017 interior design trends colour and pattern


Texture texture texture

A collaboration of textures is everywhere this year, rich Velvets, thick knit throws and it looks even better layered. Think carpet – rug – sofa – cushions – throw!

2017 interior design trends navy is the new texture

2017 interior design trends navy is the new texture


Navy is the new black

Move over grey of 2016 – Navy blue is the colour to be seen, in 2017. It is a lot less harsh than black, but still equally looks as powerful and moody with more richness to it. There also isn’t the danger of it making a room look smaller, which sometimes black can do and is often feared. Navy blue looks great as a statement wall in any room. But if you are thinking of up-cycling any old furniture this is the colour to be using.

2017 interior design trends navy is the new black

2017 interior design trends navy is the new black


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